Creation Coaching


The Creativity Call

1:1 60-minute Coaching

Unlocking your creative genius that you may have ‘lost’ or that you never knew existed.


We are all born with innate creativity pulsing through our beings - in what form that comes out is different for everyone,  but it is there.


As young children we have vivid and wild imaginations and often the belief that anything is possible, and over time sometimes those little magical voices in our heads become fainter and few and far inbetween. We can lose touch with this side of ourselves, adult life can be demanding and often very serious, which it doesn’t always have to be. 


I’m here to be a change in the way you perceive your creativity. It's just an energy source flowing through you that you can tap into. Bringing creativity back into your life will show you many amazing things about yourself and the world around you. Call it what you want, I call it MAGIC.


The brilliance, the boldness, the beauty - let's explore it together.



What’s this call about you may ask…?

It’s about connecting and coming together to have open discussions that open your heart and mind to cultivate more creativity in your life.


Maybe you “used to be super creative” but have lost touch with that part of you or maybe like I used too, you hold a belief that “I’m just not creative at all”. Either way we can chat, unpack and communicate with each other to awaken the sleeping parts of your creativity because EVERYONE is creative, it’s just how you perceive it.


Through me asking more of the ‘deeper’ questions and having a knack for holding space for people to express themselves with full acceptance we can get to what lights you up creatively quicker. This is not another session to make you feel overwhelmed or like you should be doing all the things, it’s light, fun and supportive. There are no full on expectations or judgments within this session.


It’s all about cueing the creative, again or for the very first time!


This is for you if...


  • Love creating but feel have lost your mojo over the years

  • Wanting to connect back to your childlike wonder 

  • Are yearning for a deeper connection with yourself 

  • Would love to bring more joy into your everyday life 

  • Would love to lean into your creativity

  • Believe you don’t have a creative bone in your body and are open to being proved wrong 

  • Have never done anything like this before but want to just go for it and give it a shot



Are you ready for me to reflect your light back to you?