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Feel heard, held and supported in a safe listening container 

Firstly, I would just like to say thank you for being here. 

I acknowledge you and the power you hold in having the deeper knowing that you are so freakin' beautiful, courageous and incredible, and if you don't already think that about yourself, I do! 

The space I hold is a non judgemental place for you to come as you are, ALL of you is welcome here. 

Safe Haven is a 4 week container for you to be truly heard, held and supported. I want you to know your thoughts, inspirations and heart musings are important and sharing them in a confidential space can open you to the you, you have always been. 

This four weeks is held in an app called Voxer and it has a free option. It is like a walkie talkie/messaging app, super easy to use and navigate - I promise.

This is for the woman who are full of wonder, for the woman who knows there is something more inside her to be heard, her story is far from finished and there is more to be birthed through her. The woman who knows she hold deep wisdom inside of her and wants her voice to be potent in the world, her needs, wants and desires met. For the woman who feel excited about openness, vulnerability and honesty.

This is an easeful experience that will flow and weave with your everyday life, it is not an experience to add extra pressure or add to your to do lists. 

If you are ready to take a chance on having yourself heard and held in a more intimate way, this is a beautiful space to feel that. 

Pay in full for the four weeks is $222 and you can sign up straight away by clinking the link below. If you would like a weekly payment plan, feel free to contact me to get it sorted. 

Also, if you are seeking support and experiencing financial hardship or going through a really tough time please contact me privately to discuss a 'pay what you can' agreement. 

Your financial position should never hold you back from having the nurturing support you deserve. 

Big love,

Amy x

Are you ready for me to reflect your light back to you and unlock the incredible wisdom that is within YOU?