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Here to reflect your inner wisdom & light back to you


Heya peeps! I'm Amy. Creative, over analysing, wise, imperfect fully sick human who is passionate about doing the work and taking myself to the highest of heights for MY ideal life, consciously curated by me. I am an Aussie mum of two beautiful babes who are teaching me more about myself than I thought possible.


Ah where to even start….my story is long and quite the ride! I won't bore you with all the details here but in between all the ebs and flows and the rollercoaster we call life one thing has continued to be a great theme throughout it all to me; to make a difference and help others. 


My journey of being a business Mumma started with being a professional resume writer. Since then my skillset and knowledge has grown and evolved and recently I have been through a huge life transition which has found me landing my feet in a completely new environment, which has been both challenging and life changing in the most beautiful way.


I love nothing more than to tap into my creativity through writing, coaching, design, and digital art.


I use my intuition mixed with my creative flare to create magic with my clients.

Unlocking my creative essence, showing up in life in a way that has me feeling nourished and resourced has literally changed my life! If it’s something that you have thought about exploring before yourself, I’d love to walk alongside you in that, being open to all of the possibilities that are here for you. The wisdom you hold inside of you is so infinite.


If you’re feeling the call, stick around and have a look at what might serve and support you, in your life or for your business branding, or even that unique one of a kind gift with a photo collage. 

Thanks so much for coming into my world, I’m super grateful you are here right now.


Big love,
Amy x
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What people are saying...



Amy was a dream to work with. She was very quick and efficient.


Very professional but personal making sure you are 100% happy with her work.


She is very passionate about helping others to achieve their very best, whatever it may be.


It was a very easy process working with Amy and she took the stress out of the work for me.


Highly recommend her services.



Amy made me a collage image and I just want to use it for EVERYTHING!


I could have stuffed around spending time trying to do my own graphic. Instead, I decided to save my time and headspace for other things. I’m so glad.

Amy was able to express with love how she sees me.

This is hard to do for yourself.

Not to mention the beautiful artistic expression of what she created.

Amy sees me. She shows me this with her art.

So now I have something I can use that represents ME for the work that I create.

Thank you so much Amy xo



Um WOW, how beautiful are they! The light, the creativity, and the connection I feel from your work is just so expansive, so refreshing, wow is all I can say, so beautiful.


I’m a bit lost for words really, in your work there is a lot of power, a lot of potency and I’m just deeply, deeply grateful. I’m going to sit with these and I’m going to gaze at them all day and let their medicine wash over me.


Thank you beautiful, I appreciate how you are able to tap into the energy and essence of someone and bring it together in these collages, it’s really delicious. I just keep gazing, I find something new each time I look at them, Thanks Amy.

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